How to make a ‘Chicken Roll’… by a three year old!!

So I believe its just as important to empower your child with food preparation and choices, as it is as a parent to ensure they eat the right thing. By doing the first, you end up with the second!

By involving them early in the cooking part of the meals at home (within reason and relevant to their age) helps them to naturally ask questions and gain a much better understanding of food in general… and I find it more fun for all!!!🙂

Klaudia is three and just loves to cook and of course share her skills!! Tonight Klaudia would like to show you how simple it can be to make a ‘chicken roll’ for dinner… she LOVES these types of meals, as do we all… its just so simple its Childs Play!!🙂

Father’s Day dinner from left overs and whats in the fridge!

chicken pancakeFor us, Father’s Day was spent out with the family and having fun!! By the time we got home, I certainly didn’t feel like cooking up a storm… and take-away is never really an option for us all…!! Soooooooo into the fridge I go and ‘wah-lah’ – simple, quick and celebratory dinner is served – Roast Chicken Pancake with Dessert Fruit Pizza!

So my point here really is to just have a look and use what fruit pizzayou have!! A big secret I have found with cooking for the family is if you give your meal an interesting title, everyone assumes it’s been a massive effort and everyone’s happy!!!

Following was my very ‘extravagant dinner’ – gluten free, grain free, nut free, dairy free and egg free without any hidden nasties…. simple, delicious and fun!!!
Chicken Pancake

Pancake (aka Chickpea Flat Bread) (approx. 4)
1 cup Besan (chickpea flour)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
3/4 Water
Tbsp Sesame Seeds per Pancake (optional)
This is a Tania Hubbard recipe which is AWESOME!!!chickpea

Pancake Topping
Shredded Roast Chicken from the night before
Quickly Shredded Cabbage
Quickly but finely grated Carrot
A few Chopped Shallots
Bit of Chopped Celerychickenchickpea
Coconut Oil
Fry Pan
Mushed up Avocado

– Following the attached recipe for the Chickpea Flat Bread, heat the Oil in the fry pan and add the vegies. Gently toss around the pan and continue to cook till the Cabbage becomes slightly translucent and remove from heat.
– Split the vege between the pancakes, top with Shredded Chicken and finish with a dollop of Avocado!!


Dessert Fruit Pizzadessert pizza
Kiwi Fruit
Apple, sliced
Pear, cubed
Hand full of Dried Currants
Hand Full of Shredded Coconut
Sprinkle of ground Cinnamon

Dessert Pizza1– Cut a slice of Watermelon for each person and arrange into the shape of a pizza. (You may have to get even more creative with this if you have more people… maybe smaller slices with more topping piled on top or make two/three pizzas at the same time)
– Top with Kiwi, Apple and Pear. This was obviously what I found in the fridge at the time. If more prepared you could really have this looking wonderful with beautiful Strawberries and other seasonal fruit!!
– Finish off with Currants, Coconut and Cinnamon…. done!!!Fathers day

Feast for the King and enough time to sit down and watch some TV as a family!!! PERFECT FATHER’S DAY🙂

Simple Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Potato, and Ginger Soup

SoupSeriously…. there is no need to over complicate cooking for the family!!🙂

When you are faced with food intolerances and allergies, all the fancy bought flavours, ready-made sauces, toppings etc are no longer an option and you are forced to go ‘back to basics’…. and its awesome!!!

Cooking from scratch, when simplified, takes no more time and has far more taste – Soup included!!🙂 I love these types of recipe ideas as it helps you to use up what vege is left in the fridge at the end of the week too- no waste!!! (Bolognese sauce is great for this too!)

Following is a super simple soup idea that I whipped up the other night with what I found in the fridge after work! We are unable to use bought ‘stock’ and I haven’t made any myself for a while…. but I thought ‘we can still have soup’ … and we did!! and it was good!!

See how simple soup from scratch can really be….

Ingredients (served 4 plus 4 frozen lunch portions)
1 Large Sweet Potato – washed, peeled and cubed
2 medium Sebago Potato- washed, peeled and cubed
Half a Butternut Pumpkin – washed, peeled and cubed
1 Red Onion, peeled and diced
3 cloves of Garlic, peeled and diced
Large Knob of Ginger (more or less depending on your desired taste)soup1
Himalayan Salt and Cracked Pepper
Pot to boil
Olive Oil

– Add a slug of Olive Oil to the bottom of your pot, have the heat on Medium, and add the Onion, Garlic, and Ginger. Allow these to sweat and until the Onion becomes translucent.
– Add the two types of Potato and Pumpkin and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil. Then turn down to low and leave covered to continue to cook. About 10-15mins.
– Once cooked to ‘lovely and soft’, season with the Salt and Pepper to taste and transfer to a Blender/ Food Processor/ Hand Mixer etc to puree. If your family doesn’t have an issue with texture… then your already done!! Otherwise, puree the mix to a fine consistency and serve.



Once cooled, freeze the leftovers for lunch or quick meal  options when needed! Perfect and so fresh and tasty!!

Variations to this could include:
– any other type of vege
– a dash of Coconut Cream
– Served as a sauce

Apple Nachos

apple nachosIts raining today, its the weekend and everyone just wants to hang out and relax!

After lunch, we decided we wanted something a little sweet and yum, but obviously not have to go anywhere!

Soooooo the following is our little creation…. please note we did use ‘peanut butter’ as this was in the cupboard at the time. You could easily replace this with another nut butter or even coconut butter or omit it all together… the concept really of this share is to show you how by presenting something a little differently, it looks like something interesting and yum and everyone enjoys it🙂 WIN!!apple nachos3

Apple Nachos
Ingredients (serves 4)
2 Apples
2 good heaped teaspoons of Peanut Butter (or whatever suits)
1 cup of Dates, soaked in hot water to soften
2 tablespoons of Shredded Coconut
Ground Cinnamon to sprinkle for taste

apple nachos2– Cut Apples into thin slices to resemble ‘corn chips’, arrange of a plate
– Place Peanut Butter into a cup and add 2 tablespoons of hot water (or enough to help form a paste)
– Blitz or squish Dates to form a paste
– Drizzle or dollop Peanut Butter and Dates over Apples for the ‘sauce’apple nachos 4
– Sprinkle the Shredded Coconut over the top to resemble the ‘cheese’
– Sprinkle the Ground Cinnamon over the top cause it tastes yum!!

apple nachos5Ta-dah…. then you can either just pick at it as you go, or serve up as little meals. This is really filling and super satisfying!!

What combo did you try????

Veg Rosti, Poached Eggs, Spinach & Peas – thanks Jamie!

Rosti6So every now and then I end up in Woolworths to get a few basics… Last visit I picked up a recipe from ‘Jamie’s Table’ which looked simple and an awesome idea!! So I grabbed the recipe and then went and visited my local Organic Farmer (we are very lucky to have them 5minutes from home), picked-up some gorgeous seasonal options and cooked it up!!! YUM!!

Based on ‘Jamie’s Table’ RecipeRosti3
Veg Rosti, Poached Eggs, Spinach & Peas

Medium Sweet Potato, peeled and grated
3 Large Carrots, grated
3 Large Zucchini, grated
1 Bunch English Spinach
Snap Frozen Peas
4 Free Range Eggs
Organic Wholegrain Mustard
1/2 Lime
Olive Oil
Himalayan Rock Salt and Cracked Pepper
3 bowls
1 large baking tray

– Preheat oven to 180
Rosti1– Combine Sweet Potato, Carrot, Zucchini with a pinch of salt in a bowl and set aside
– Mix Mustard, Lime Juice, 2 tablespoon of Olive Oil, and Salt and Pepper together in a bowl and set asiderosti2
– In the third bowl, add 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil and a pinch of pepper and combine.

– From the first bowl containing the Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Zucchini, grab handfuls and squeeze as much water as you can. Then sprinkle the handful into the bowl with the Olive Oil and cracked Pepper. Continue until all the vege mix has been transferred
– Mix the Sweet Pot, Carrot, Zucchini mix to combine with the Oil and Pepper, then rosti4scatter into a large oiled baking tray.
– Place tray in oven for 30mins, or until super crispy around the edges
– Whilst this is cooking, blanche the Peas in boiling water and add to your dressing mix with the English Spinach
– Prepare your eggs so they will be cooked to time with therosti5 finish baking of the Rosti

Once all is cooked, serve the Rosti with the Eggs and Pea and Spinach scattered on top… looks fantastic and tastes amazing!!! PERFECT!!!

Apple Toasties…. simple, cheap dessert pies!

apple pie3With the cooler weather starting to sneak in, my family and I are starting to find ourselves looking for warmer treats!! One of our favourites is super quick ‘Apple Toasties’!! This is a fabulous substitute for ‘desert pies’ and can be eaten just as is or is fantastic with some custard or yoghurt!!

Now the type of bread you use will obviously be up to you. This is a great thing about the ‘toasting’ part, as almost all breads toast!! To prevent cross contamination of breads in your family (or if visiting), you can wrap your sandwich in baking paper when using a sandwich press. This does add a few more minutes to your toasting time but it comes out looking exactly the same and tastes perfect…. and safe!!

For our toasties, we used a homemade Almond and Chia Seed Bread – YUM!!

Quick Toasted Apple Pies

Two slices of suitable Bread per person
1/3-1/2 grated Apple per sandwich
Ground Cinnamon
Butter, Oil or whatever works for you to help crisp up the outside. In truth, just heating the outside will work fine too!
Baking Paper
Sandwich Press/Fry Pan

– butter two slices of bread (we used nuttlex) and stack the slices so the buttered sides are pressing together on the inside
– Add the grated apple to the top and sprinkle with Cinnamon to your likingapple pie2
– Heat up your sandwich press or fry pan,
– Remove the bottom slice and place on top so buttered sides are facing out, wrap in baking paper and toast!!apple pie

Other ‘desert pie’ combos that are delicious include:
– apple and coconut butter
– apple, pie spices, and sultanas
– any other ‘pie type’ fruit eg blueberries, raspberrys, peaches, bananas
– jam
– custard in the middle (mmmmmmm!!)
Just by adding a few spices, your super easy desert can become something quite special!!!


Fluffy Potato Mash, dairy free

FLUFFYMASH3With the cooler weather on its way, comfort food is on the radar…. Mash potato was a huge favourite of mine as a kid for warm dinners… fluffier the better, milk and butter = Yummo!! Unfortunately though, when you need to avoid dairy, making ‘fluffy mash potato’ doesn’t seem quite so possible…. or is it??!!🙂

Following is a very simple, very fluffy, and very yummo Fluffy Potato Mash dairy free option. The kids enjoy it, as do my husband and I, and it includes an added boost of protein – perfect!

When making this, I like to use a mix of Sweet Potato and ‘Dutch Cream’ Potato to give it an interesting colour mix – cause lets face it, kids love colour!!! This will work though with any combination.

Fluffy Potato Mash (serves 4)
1 medium Sweet Potato
3 small Dutch Cream Potato
1 Egg
Salt and Pepper
Veggie Steamer and water
Large Mixing Spoon


– Peel and cut all potatoes into chunksFLUFFYMASH1
– Add Potatoes to the veggie steamer and steam till tender but not falling apart (approx. 10-15 mins)
– Remove Potatoes and drain bottom pot. Transfer Potatoes from the steamer to the bottom pot
– Using a fork, mash Potatoes until there are no lumps.
– Add cracked Egg and using the mixing spoon, beat until fluffy (this slightly cooks the egg too)
– Season with Salt and Pepper to taste


Home cooking at its best… Gluten Free Grain Free Rissoles, Steamed Greens and Fluffy Potato Mash




There are so many potatoes to chose from so to help… I included this link which I thought gives a great summary of what type of potato to use and when!