Cross Contamination – reality check

K’s nappy rash is still an on-going battle and as a result, has forced me to look further into why???

K’s on going symptoms include a rash that by the end of the day is painful, red, split and weeping. Unusually, the bulk of the rash sits at the top of K’s bottom (at the base of her back) instead of the normal ‘nappy rash area’. I have tried various creams and lotions to assist with protecting and healing the area during the day with little result. However by the next morning, the rash has settled. The red colour is gone, the split looks almost healed and she is no longer in pain…..however the symptoms  return as the day progresses…. WHY???

I started to consider all the usual offenders for ‘skin irration’ –  the nappy itself, wipes, nappy creams, bathing soaps etc. Made changes, however no real improvement. So once again I started to consider her diet, but where??

In summary, K has intolerance’s to colourings, preservatives, drinking milk/soy, all types of grains and is severely gluten intolerant/celiac. So what is it that I am missing or not doing?? So i started researching ‘nappy rashes’, pictures of similar rashes, causes of skin irritations etc and then all of a sudden it hit me….. Cross Contamination – what a twit!!!!!

Overall, my little family have become ‘gluten free, grain free’. However of late, there have been a number of times when we have had bread in the house, particularly when we have guests or haven’t had enough ‘gluten free, grain free’ bread for everyone else to eat. Perhaps as things were going so well, we became a little complacent …. accidentally using the same knife to butter other bread and then K’s bread? using the same breadboard that has been exposed to things that create a negative response in her? using the same toaster? I guess the chances of contamination are endless when its not in the forefront of your mind!

Following is a link to a website that provides a great insight into ‘cross contamination’:

So tomorrow we make changes in the hope we have found the solution to her rash! Overall the changes will include:
– K ONLY butter
– K ONLY breadboard
– Use of the grill to ‘toast’ her bread, allowing easy ability to clean and prevent contamination
– Removal of any remaining gluten or grain products from the house

We still don’t want to discourage anyone visiting our house from eating the food and bread of their choice, however will ensure that from now on the correct practises are in place.

The reality of these changes is that even if it is not the cause, it should still be happening…  so nothing lost! I plan to also have a discussion with K’s childcare to ensure they have a clear understanding of the practises required to ensure K is not exposed unnecessarily as well.

Would love to hear if anyone else has ideas??


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